Consulting Engineers South Africa’s (CESA) prestigious CESA Aon Engineering Excellence Awards held at Vodacom World in Midrand on the 14th August this year is a celebration of innovation, quality, outstanding workmanship and professionalism in the industry. CESA is proud to host this annual event, sponsored by Aon South Africa, as a platform to showcase the important role that infrastructure plays in the sustainable development of our country. The Awards focus on consulting engineers and their clients who participate in or initiate projects that promote the advancement of our nation and the people of the continent.

Climate change, global warming, water conservation these are all sustainability issues on the global agenda. What does sustainability mean in a developing nation where fundamental basic human needs are top of mind for the average person dealing with backlogs in housing; lack of essential services; food shortages; job scarcity; poor basic education; not to mention clean governance and economic freedom?

In South Africa we collectively need to balance social, political and economic issues with a wide spectrum of complex environmental issues. We need to create an awareness of what the earth can provide and how carefully we use our natural resources, especially those that are not renewable. Leadership becomes all the more important and future leaders of third world countries need to be chosen on the basis of their ethical balance as well as their ‘sustainability savvy’!

In our precious country each and every one of us is collectively responsible for creating a sustainable future for generations to come through an improved education system; economic and political certainty; job creation; eradication of corruption; and responsible development – of which CESA and its member firms are the custodians. CESA encourages everyone to all pull together towards a sustainable future……CESA strongly believes that SUSTAINABILITY IS EVERYONE’S BUSINESS…

Risk advisors and insurance brokerage Aon has been the proud main sponsors of the event for a number of years now and it’s a relationship that CESA values highly. According to Aon, “CESA members have a pivotal role in South African society and in the greater South African economy. The progress of this country and its sustainability is touched on a daily basis by some facet of engineering and without this science, the vast majority of development and upliftment we need would not happen – the role that engineers now play more than ever before in terms of the wellbeing of our citizens is immense.”

Awards were handed out in the following categories: Engineering Excellence for projects with a value of less than R50million; projects between R50million and R250million and for projects with a value of over R250million; Best International Project; Visionary Client of the Year; Mentor of the Year; Business Excellence; Mentoring Company of the Year; Young Engineer of the Year; Publisher of the Year; Job Shadow Initiative; and Branch of the Year.