BEPEC has completed its ninth year in existence and has evolved within the Built Environment against local and global challenges. This year our focus has been on incorporating the South Africa Inc approach within the Construction Sector.

What did the markets hold for 2017? I will provide a macro perspective. South Africa is one of the many countries from within the developed and developing world that is looking for increased trade, project, and investment opportunities.
It is critical that South African role players and stakeholders develop a clear strategy for continental engagement. In order for the Construction Sector to facilitate access and opportunities for South Africa companies to successfully participate and implement continental infrastructure projects. BEPEC has been “the voice of the built environment professions to government and clients across borders on all matters related to exports” and will be the voice and partner of private sector. Therefore, BEPEC and the other members of Export Councils (Private Sector) and Trade Invest Africa (TIA) at the dti are now starting to realise the importance of adopting SA Inc. approach.

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