Welcome to BEPEC

BEPEC offers a one-stop-shop for international clients who are in the market to employ South African built environment professionals. BEPEC is a section 21 non-profit organisation in Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the South African Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Together with the DTI, we provide support to export-ready firms to export their built environment services internationally.

Previously known as the International Business Development Section (IBDS), BEPEC was created in 2001 in response to the globalisation of the consulting engineering sector, post South Africa’s 1994 democratic elections. Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA), the South African Institute of Architects (SAIA) and the Association of South African Quantity Surveyors (ASAQS) were instrumental in BEPEC’s creation.

The IBDS was transformed into BEPEC after the Architectural and the Quantity Surveying professions joined the organisation in 2008. The Association of Construction Project Managers (ACPM) is also now part of BEPEC.


Our Vision
To ensure that the goals, objectives and policies of the built environment professions in respect of export development and promotion are achieved.

Our Mission
To be the voice of the built environment professions to government and clients across our borders on all matters related to exports. BEPEC aims to assist members in growing their exports by providing the capacity to drive strategic initiatives to access business opportunities at an industry and political level. We achieve this by:

  • Exposing members to spending patterns, market trends, planned tenders and project opportunities outside of member knowledge
  • Actively seeking and facilitating cross-sectoral collaboration, opportunities and projects
  • Facilitating the alignment of the business needs of BEPEC members, government and NEPAD Infrastructure initiatives in Africa and in the Middle East
  • Reducing the costs and risks related to exporting built environment professional services across our borders.

How clients benefit from using a BEPEC member
BEPEC members offer clients world-class expertise and multidisciplinary skills at competitive rates.

Clients have the assurance that members are exposed to international best practice through our relationship with local and international professional bodies.

Members adhere to the required code of conduct for their relevant local and international professional bodies

BEPEC members are export ready – a critical requirement for international clients

BEPEC members offer quality, value-added and innovative solutions

BEPEC members are required to have a minimum level of professional indemnity insurance

BEPEC members have an in-depth understanding of the needs that exist in a developing world context, while employing first world processes and standards.

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