BEPEC Successes & Achievements:

Extracts from correspondence received from Architectural member firm:

  • The most important aspect of being a BEPEC member is that BEPEC can open doors no one else can. Members can access any of the South African Embassies or High Commissions across the world via BEPEC’s links with the DTI and DIRCO. This alone makes membership worthwhile.
  • The value of BEPEC initiated and led missions to especially the African Development Bank in Tunis, the World Bank in Washington, and to various African countries, cannot be underestimated and is definitely one of the main reasons why we are still members of BEPEC.
  • The frequent “Show me the Money” and “Show me the Projects” workshops arranged by BEPEC is the first step in getting to know the ins and outs of working outside our borders better.
  • As a practice that traditionally has done 60% of its work outside South Africa over the past 22 years, we know the pitfalls of doing so and strongly recommend membership of BEPEC to any company wishing to acquire professional appointments outside our borders.

BEPEC assistance provided to large Multi-disciplinary Consulting Engineering company in Ghana, which resulted in highly relevant discussions and meetings which were necessary for the securing of appointments for professional services.

Fees earned by BEPEC member companies through participation in the DTI CPFP programme, first the securing of grant funding from the DTI for the conducting of the required project feasibility studies, and thereafter actual participation in some of these projects. Some examples listed below:

  • Tete Industrial Park – Mozambique
  • Water & Wastewater Master Plan – Zimbabwe
  • Logistics Activity Precinct – Namibia
  • Industrial & Logistics Park – Zambia
  • Port and Rail Linkages – Mozambique
  • Masindi Airport Project – Uganda
  • Development of 30000 houses – Ghana
  • Zim Parks Development – Zimbabwe
  • Musami Dam and Water Development project – Zimbabwe

International projects won through participating in BEPEC led missions, which resulted in the exporting of Professional Services.

Successful implementation and launch of the Business Facilitation Agency in Tete, Mozambique, which is a shared office facility serving as a low-cost base from which member companies of the Engineering & Technology Grouping of Export Councils can launch and drive business development activities aimed at gaining access to project opportunities within the various growth nodes along the North-South Corridor.

BEPEC has played the leading role in the formation and recent formalisation of the Engineering & Technology Grouping of Export Councils, resulting in a combination of disciplines and professional expertise which can competitively (in relevant clusters) tender for / put together / promote & implement infrastructure, industrial, mining, or any other types of projects in Africa.

Other instances where BEPEC members benefitted directly in countries where BEPEC facilitated interaction between members and FER’s in respect of project opportunities.

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