Good Day BEPEC Member,

 Trade Invest Africa, a division of the Department of Trade and Industry, invites you to apply to participate in an Outward Trade and Investment Mission to Ghana and Nigeria, which is scheduled to take place from 19 – 23 March 2018.

 The deadline date for the submission of complete Group Mission application forms is 14 December 2017. Companies are strongly advised to submit applications way before the deadline date to give allowance for any refer backs. Note: only complete applications will be considered after the deadline date.

 Please find the invitation letter, application forms and EMIA guidelines below:

Click here to download the Invitation Letter
Click here to download the EMIA Guidelines
Click here to download the Outward Services Application
Click here to download the Outward Manufacturing Entities Form

You are requested to send your complete application forms to:

Att: Ms. Nnono Kekane
The DTI Campus
EMIA Division, Block A Ground Floor
77 Meintjies Street
Sunnyside, Pretoria

 Note: No email application will be accepted.

For further information, please contact:

Application form enquiries (EMIA)
Ms Nnono Kekane Mr Thabo Ramphore
Tel: 012 394 3648 Tel: 012 394 3494

Export Promotion enquiries
Mr Thabo Ramphore
Tel: 012 394 3494