About MGD Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd

Company Overview – Who We Are

MGD Consulting Engineers, as the leading authority in the design of fuel and gas storage facilities, building structures, industrial and mining structures, continues to play a leading role in the delivery of professional services in line with the South African National Standards, Health, and Safety and Environmental requirements. The company was established in 2012 and the founder brings 16 years of experience from previous companies and partnerships.
Our vision is long-term and our focus is to remain flexible and agile, efficient and reliable. Our field of expertise pay attention to both the technical and the socio economics which must be brought together for a successful development. For MGD Engineers, establishing sustainable business practices starts by recognising our broader responsibilities as an organisation in society. We strive to enhance our service offering, at the same time adopt a flexible approach to project development, tailored to suit our customer requirements and resources, to the benefit of all stakeholders, including the communities we operate in. Our aim is to provide a holistic approach straddling all key aspects of development.

Our Core Business – What We Do

MGD Engineers offers comprehensive engineering service to our diverse clients. Our services fall into four main categories of planning & design, documentation, construction administration and structural investigation/ assessment and report.

  • Inception Services
  • Concept Development Services
  • Design Services
  • Documentation Services
  • Construction Administration Services
  • Investigation and Report Services

Contact Details

Tel: +27 086 656 3630
Fax: +27 086 656 3630
Website: www.mgdsa.co.za

Cnr. Northumberland and Felstead Ave
Block 15, Ground Floor
Fancourt Office Park
Northriding 2169

P.O. Box 1075